betaGRO® - Next Generation Plasma

NUTRIQUEST® is proud to partner with GBH Labs to offer revolutionary, next generation plasma products. The betaGRO product line offers products that contain unique sources of nutrients and highly activated functional proteins.

Contributing to superior feed intake, growth rate and feed conversion, betaGRO products leverage GBH Labs' proprietary immuTEIN™ technology for increased effectiveness of the biological proteins found within plasma. Immunoglobulins, cytokines, growth factors, transfer factors and other functional proteins are concentrated and enhanced in the betaGRO product line.

Feed Solutions


  • Derived entirely from porcine plasma, contains no bovine protein
  • Positive results in multiple commercial and university trials
  • Incorporate in Phase 1 and Phase 2 diets at 1/15th the level of traditional plasma
    • increased ingredient flexibility
    • opportunities for cost reduction
  • Pigs fed diets containing betaGRO had superior ADG, ADFI and F/G in 4 of 5 trials
    • 0.84 lb heavier pig at 21 days after weaning
  • Pigs fed betaGRO were 1.5-3.2 lb heavier at 5-6 weeks after weaning than traditional plasma fed-pigs
    • Response to traditional plasma fades quickly after phase 1
    • betaGRO response appears to be more sustainable